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Rubrica settimanale su la Domenica del Sole 24Ore

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Columns published in the culture insert of the national newspaper Sole24Ore

 “TOROTELLA” Noun: Poorly talented musician


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Rubrica mensile su Altroconsumo

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Columns published in the Italian monthly magazine Altroconsumo

URPS | Altroconsumo | “MARAMALDO” Overbearing

Fabrizio Maramaldo was an Italian mercenary who killed Florentine captain Francesco Ferrucci, already unarmed and grievously wounded, during the Gavinana war (1530). The term maramaldo was thus coined to describe someone in a position of power who exploits this to inflict harm on others in a weaker position. A hideous story, especially since many would be capable of such maramaldi actions, safely hidden behind a suit of armour.