Scrutare tra le pieghe delle parole come si scruta un’anima. E viceversa.
Searching in the spaces between words, just as we search the soul. And vice versa.

Sabrina D'Alessandro, “Redamazione”, Art Night Out, Ufficio Resurrezione, Milano 2015

Sabrina D’Alessandro Treccani 2016

Sabrina D’Alessandro Treccani 2020


Sabrina D’Alessandro. Her work explores the relationship between word and imaginary, combining art and linguistics. In 2009 she founds ‘The Resurrection Office’ : “responsible for reintroducing words that have been lost despite their value to life on Earth”. The Resurrection Office is a way of revitalizing not only the words themselves, but also their ability to reconnect with and revitalize reality; it represents a desire for a broader renaissance, by looking back to the words of the past as a way of interpreting and reinventing the present.

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